September 6, 2016

C# Essentials

C# Essentials

Microsoft .NET is an advance in programming technology that greatly simplifies application development, both for traditional, proprietary applications and for the emerging paradigm of Web-based services. .NET is a complete restructuring of Microsoft's entire system infrastructure and represents a major learning challenge for programmers developing applications on Microsoft platforms. C# can be used widely to develop different application ranging from websites, web applications, desktop application, web services etc.

Course Content

The topics that are covered in this program include:

  • Introducing C#
  • Writing A C# Program
  • Variables and Expressions
  • Flow Control
  • More about Variables
  • Functions
  • Debugging and Error Handling
  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
  • Defining Classes
  • Defining Class Members
  • Collections, Comparisons, and Conversions
  • Generics
  • Additional OOP Techniques
  • C# Language Enhancements
  • Basic Desktop Programming
  • Advanced Desktop Programming
  • Deploying Desktop Applications

Applications you can write with C#

Desktop Applications
Applications, such as Microsoft Office, that have a familiar Windows look and feel about them. This is made simple by using the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) module of the .NET Framework, which is a library of controls (such as buttons, toolbars, menus, and so on) that you can use to build a Windows user interface (UI).

Windows Store Applications
Windows 8 has introduced a new type of application, known as a Windows Store application. This type of application is designed primarily for touch devices, and it is usually run full-screen, with a minimum of clutter, and an emphasis on simplicity. You can create these applications in several ways, including using WPF

Web Applications
Web pages such as those that might be viewed through any web browser. The .NET Framework includes a powerful system for generating web content dynamically, enabling personalization, security, and much more. This system is called ASP.NET (Active Server Pages .NET), and you can use C# to create ASP.NET applications using Web Forms. You can also write applications that run inside the browser with Silverlight.

WCF Services
A way to create versatile distributed applications. Using WCF you can exchange virtually any data over local networks or the Internet, using the same simple syntax regardless of the language used to create a service or the system on which it resides.

Course Goals

  • Acquire a working knowledge of C# programming
  • Learn about important interactions between C# and the .NET Framework
  • Learn how to implement simple GUI programs using Windows Forms
  • Gain a working knowledge of implicit typing, object initializers, anonymous types, extension methods, lambda expression, LINQ, and other new features in C#

For Whom

This course is for everyone who wants to learn how to program in C# using the .NET Framework. It is for absolute beginners who want to give programming a try by learning a clean, modern, elegant programming language. But it also for people familiar with other programming languages who want to explore the .NET platform, as well as for existing .NET developers who want to give Microsoft’s.NET flagship language a try

  • Individuals interested in learning the C# programming Language to an advanced Level
  • Software Programmers
  • Job Seekers
  • Portal/Web Developers
  • Application Developers
  • Technical Consultants
  • Undergraduates interested in programming

Commencement Date

* Participants can still join 2 weeks after class commencement date.



Duration: 36 hours over Four (4) weeks. Three hours every  (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)

Time: 9am – 12noon

Commencement Date


Time: 2pm – 5:00pm (Saturdays Only)

Training Methodology & Benefits

Training Methodology

We employ multiple methods of  delivery of course content via Lectures,Self assessment exercises and Practical programming sessions with reference to day-to-day life scenarios. We ensure a hands-on approach to programming in Microsoft C#.


At the end of the course participants will be able to do the following:

  • Microsoft C# Training Manuals from renowned authors
  • A training certificate of accomplishment

Payment Methods

Interested individuals can pay using the following methods:

  • Pay at the centre of your choice
  • Pay to the bank using the following bank details

Account Number: 2011745387

Account Name: HiiT Plc

Bank: First Bank

Payment Types

Full Payment (Attracts 5% discount of Course Fee)

Installmental Payments (First Payment= 60% of Course Fee)