Solar Powered ICT Lab At Hope Waddell Training Institution

Solar Powered ICT Lab At Hope Waddell Training Institution

Solar-Powered School ICT Lab Implementation & Management

In Nigeria, the lack of reliable & affordable electricity is one of the biggest barriers to providing technology to students. Some schools cannot keep the lights on and power a computer classroom simultaneously.

At HiiT Plc, we believe education is a human right and that technology can have a dramatic impact on a child’s lifelong success, so we strive to find innovative ways of expanding access to technology-enabled learning environments, especially in remote regions with extremely limited facilities.

One of the ways we’re doing just that is by taking electricity out of the equation. We are combining a more constant energy source — the sun — with energy-efficient computers to develop solar-powered ICT Labs. The goal? Deliver sustainable and affordable ICT labs to underserved communities and schools.

Watch our 2 minute video on setting up a solar powered ICT Lab at Hope Waddell Training Institution.

Project Objective

The purpose of this project was to provide a 40 Computer ICT Lab With 3HR Stand-By Inverter Power within 6 weeks.