August 31, 2016

About Us

About Us

HiiT Plc is Nigeria’s best Indigenous IT Training Establishment. We have excelled in IT Training/Education, Publishing, IT Consultancy and IT Solutions Development & Services. In our 27 years of successful existence, we have graduated over 75,000 students at our CPN-accredited IT Training Centres located in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Kano and other cities nationwide.


Everyone and everything matters in the society and in the world. We care for everyone irrespective of their association with us.


Something which lies ahead of Best is Excellence, and achieving that has always been a primary driving force for everyone at Hiit Plc.


Change is the only constant, therefore, HiiT Plc always strives for innovation to discover new and better opportunities that promote an inclusive and sustainable growth environment.


Happiness is the biggest treasure of the universe. Staying happy and creating an environment of happiness for everyone is integral to the identity of Hiit Plc.

HiiT Plc

June 3


HiiT Plc
Founded 1996